Czy/tam/czy/tu 1/2018: Folklore-Village

Post-communist villages in Poland, small African villages near the Equator, American „little houses on the prairie”: children's and youth literature has a lot of representations of the village. Sometimes village is a backward place, from where it is good (and sometimes even necessary) to escape, but on the other hand village is also an attractive alternative for the city. Folklore is strictly tied to the village, which has been dying in some areas, but it is also the source of the inspiration in many works for children.

In the issue 1/2018 we would like to focus on following topics:

folklore as the source of inspiration in children's literature

representations of rural child in children's literature

village as the space in children's and youth literature

folk fairy tales of the world

contrast/alternative: village vs. city

escapes from the village and returns to it

civilization and cultural changes in the village in children's literature

The deadline is the 1st February 2018.  You can send Your paper in Polish or English to the e-mail address:

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