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Barnboken - tidskrift för barnlitteraturforskning/Journal of Children's Literature Research, founded in 1977 and published on behalf of the Swedish Institute for Children's Books, is a peer reviewed scholarly journal publishing new approaches to children's literature that innovatively and creatively integrate previous research to shed new light on the role of children's books in society. Articles are available on the journal website:

The Swedish Institute for Children´s Books
e-ISSN: 2000-4389

Editorial board
Björn Sundmark, Professor, Malmö University, Sweden, Chief Editor 2012
Åsa Warnqvist, PhD, Swedish Institute for Children's Books, Sweden
Mia Österlund, Associate professor, Åbo Akademy University, Finland

Åsa Warnqvist

Responsible editor
Lillemor Torstensson

The journal is free of charge and available in electronic format. The easiest way to keep track of new articles is to sign up for e-alerts and get notified by email on publication of an article.

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