The first book for young readers published in Sweden was published in 1591, and Sbi houses the vast majority of books for children or young people published in Sweden ever since. Sbi also has one of the world's most largest collections of international theoretical literature in this subject area.

Children's books

The collection of children's books covers children's and young people's books published in Sweden i.e. both Swedish originals and books translated into Swedish. The collection also includes books published in Sweden in languages other than Swedish and, to a certain extent, the works of Swedish authors translated to other languages. 
  Omslag till Kulla Gulla, 1984Omslag till Kulla Gulla, 1945Omslag till tysk utgåva av Kulla Gulla, 1972

Theorethical literature
The collection of theoretical literature with approximately 17,000 volumes, is one of the more comprehensive collections in the world. The main feature is the international and interdisciplinary perspective adopted on the study of children's literature over the years. Thus, in addition to history and theory of literature and art there are sociological, cultural-historical, educational and psychological works.
Unpublished undergraduate theses from Swedish universities and colleges also form part of the collection.

The cuttings collection is accessible in the reading room.  

History of Swedish Children's Literature
See also "Four centuries of children's books in Sweden" by Sonja Svensson.

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