About the Institute - SBI

The Swedish Institute for Children's Books was founded in 1965 and is:

  • a public research library
  • collects and makes accessible literature for children and young people
  • promotes knowledge about literature for children and young people in Sweden
  • supports research and circulates information about research results
  • is a national and international liaison body
  • is financed by the Ministry of Education
  • is a foundation of which the members are: The Swedish Institute Association of Illustrators, Stockholm University, The Swedish Publishers' Association and The Swedish Writers' Union. The Chairman of the Board of the Institute is appointed by the Swedish government.

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books Phone +46 (0)8-54 54 20 50 info@sbi.kb.se >> Opening hours
Odengatan 61 Fax +46 (0)8-54 54 20 54 biblioteket@sbi.kb.se
113 22 Stockholm